Strange Visions of Mountains

I’m dreaming of wilderness and mountains. About shades of rugged and stunning landscapes.

I have seen a wonderful, scenic film about climbing Suilven, a remote mountain in the north west of Scotland.

It is a life-affirming film about a woman who has recently become a widow. The woman, Edie, decides to live out an old dream she shared with her father when she was young. A dream to climb the strange mountain, Suilven.

Actress Sheila Hancock was 83 years old during the filming. She says it was a great and challenging experience. Something she wants for everyone to try.
Sheila Hancock is the oldest person to have climbed Suilven back in 2018.

Hopefully, it’s safe to travel next year.

19 thoughts on “Strange Visions of Mountains

  1. I dream of mountains and the wilderness too, so I know how you feel. Let’s hope we can be in their presence soon. In the meantime, the special memories are golden 😊

  2. Suilven is in a stunning region of Scotland. My favourite. I’ve climbed its neighbour Stac Pollaidh a few times, and there are wonderful views of Suilven from there. Due to Suilven’s remote location this mountain is still on my wish list. If you do visit, also think about the Torridon mountains not too far away. You will love them all Hanna 🙂

    • Oh! I have no doubt, Mei. I will save your suggestions, thanks a lot for sharing!!
      I’ve walked in the western part of Norway, and I find there are desolated areas as well. Deserted natural areas are fascinating and the ones I have experienced are imprinted in my memory ❤

  3. I love Sheila Hancock, but I didn’t know she’d done this. How wonderful. I must watch the film. Thank you.

    • You are welcome, George. It’s a pleasure to be able to convey Sheila Hancock’s achievement to you.
      She did not expect to have to climb the mountain when she first heard about the film. But it quickly became clear to her that it was expected.
      I love this interview:

  4. Got this on my tick list along with Quinag and Stac Pollaidh. The walk in to Suilven does mean a camp though to summit it safely but I reckon its worth it

  5. Looks like a wonderful movie – filled with great scenery and a moving story.

    Something about conquering a nature challenge while overcoming personal loss feels so transformative. There was a movie a few years ago starring Reese Witherspoon based on the memoir Wild by Cheryl Strayed that had a similar story of a woman overcoming addiction by going on this grueling long hike that was very compelling too.

    Will have to check Edie out!

  6. Dear Hanna,
    great trailer. Thanks for shsring.
    We very much like the mountains in NW Scotland but we have never been up Suilven although we have been several times in that region. We don’t think we’ll climb it. Nowadays, we prefer easy climbs.
    Have a happy week
    The Fab Four of Cley
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Hi Klaus. We are lucky that the difficult mountaineering can be enjoyed on film.
      Hiking in mountainous terrain is always enriching. Luckily you don’t have to climb them all just because they are there 😊 Just to be out and about in the mountain world is spectacular.
      All the best,

  7. It’s a mountain I’ve seen a few times, but never been up. (I’ll put it on my new to do list! 😊) Though I have been up Stac Pollaidh, which is equally remote and beautiful, but not as hard to climb.

    • Hi Peter. I bought the film for moments when I’m in the need to see some mountains and they are out of reach 😀
      I’m glad if I gave you some inspiration!!

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