16 thoughts on “The Joy of July

  1. Beautiful post, Hanna …
    These outdoor images are a great relief for someone who’s stuck at home due to the lock downs …
    Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

    • It is located 20 kilometers northwest of Copenhagen. It is Denmark’s deepest lake, and hides some of my best nature experiences. It’s Furesø ❤🤗

  2. These are beautiful photos. I do love a walking path that is draped and shaded by a tree canopy! And happy July!
    The insects where we are are anything but drowsy. 🤣 I think they’re a little hyperactive. 😂 The only downside of July!

    • Happy July to you, Ab!!!
      And thank you for your lovely comment.
      We need those hyperactive insects for pollination so we better keep the mosquito net in place 😀

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