Dancing Shadows

Who has seen the wind?
Neither you nor I:
But when the trees bow down their heads.
The wind is passing by.

~   Christina Rossetti 

Take pleasure in finding your own paths and leave only your footprints behind.
Happy walks 😍

7 thoughts on “Dancing Shadows

    • Thanks for that comment, Curt. I agree with you.
      A detour is a story in the story.
      On a hike in the mountains, it’s wonderful if you can store the heaviest gear in a cabin and explore the surrounding nature. Detours develop the imagination.

      • Our home (close to cabin-size) sits on the edge of a million acres of National Forest land Hanna. We walk out our back door and go exploring several times each week. While we have regular routes, I keep working in detours for variety. There is always something new! –Curt

      • What a great place to live, Curt.
        Glad to hear that you enjoy your surroundings though it would almost be difficult otherwise 😊

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