17 thoughts on “Winter Holiday

  1. As a child, Hanna, I loved snow days. They were rare where I grew up, but when they did happen, the dogs and I were off to the woods to see who had been visiting and what they had been up to. Beautiful photo. –Curt

    • Thanks Wandering Canadians! There is only one thing to say, I agree 😀
      Everything is fresh, clean and looks like a fairy tale. In these days it is very welcome ❤

  2. GREAT picture. This blue beanie with the yellow scarf is ideal in this photograph. We really like it.
    All the best.
    Keep well
    The Fab Four of Cley
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Hi Peter. We have beautiful winter weather for the first time in many years. You’re right, the children will remember these great snowy days.
      Today, many lakes and ponds have been “released” by the police, so happy games are here🌟
      Yesterday, the Danish news media brought pictures from the ‘Dutch channels’, where people were skating. That looked outstanding ☺

      • Yes Hanna! The ice is thick enough to skate on! Whenever there is the slightest chance we ‘fetch our skates out of the grease’ as it is called over here (a reminder of the days that skates were made of iron and not of stainless steel 🙂 ) and we glide off. Our national winter pass time. It’s lovely to be out and everybody is smiling. We did need some light in our hearts in this gloomy era. 🙂

      • I’m happy to hear that, Peter. Light in our hearts is what we need!!
        It is funny when such terms: ‘Fetch our skates out of the grease’ are used without making sense to outsiders. Another reason for smiling! 😊

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