8 thoughts on “Becoming a White House

    • Thanks for that, Ab! It is an old listed house located by the Mill River. It’s called the Music House.
      The real name is ‘Det Schallske Musikhus’.
      Claus Schall, 28.4.1757-9.8.1835, was a well-known figure in Copenhagen’s music life and he composed some of his music in that tiny cosy house 😊

  1. That’s the way to do it! Pretty! We seem to be expecting some snow this weekend. It will not last long (four minutes I believe, maybe five), but it will be white for a spell. 🙂

    • We’re going for 5 minutes, Peter. A total whiteout ☃☃☃
      The house is a house with ambitions, note the headline 😊

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