24 thoughts on “The Shortest Day

    • Thank you for your nice comment, Håkan. I do look forward to brighter days, literally – and figuratively speaking.
      I have a quiet but lovely Christmas.
      I wish you good health, lots of happiness, and a great 2021.
      All the best,

    • Hi Anuscka. Maybe we’ll get a dust of snow over Christmas. We need lots of light and fresh air. Snow makes us feel like children again well at least that counts for me 😊
      Wish you a very Merry Christmas!!

  1. I’ll never get tired of seeing snow-covered trees, it’s always a treat. And even if there’s precious little daylight, when the snow is all around, it makes for a much brighter night. And quieter, too.

    • Hi Robert. Valuable memories!!!
      I shouldn’t use the word magic too often as it loses its power. But in silent nights, where the snow change the scenery, where one expects everything to happen, then magic becomes alive.
      Thank you, Robert for reminding me about freshly fallen snow at night.

  2. Min salige fader sagde altid at det var den bedste dag at blive gift, for så fik man den længste bryllupsnat – men han selv havde livet i gennem kun en bryllupsdag at tænke på og det var den 31. oktober. 😀

    • I managed without 😊
      Just the thought of brighter days makes me feel at lot better.
      The best bonfire I have experienced was an early morning by a river in Norway before the sun rose. We ate breakfast before we began fishing. We caught nothing, but the nature experience was unforgettable!!
      Wish you happy days ahead,

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