Trolls and Mysterious Landscapes

Johan Christian Dahl

Imagine if we still believed in trolls.

Stories, told around the fireplace are no more. But how did they originate in the first place? 

Dark forests, bogs and misty shapes across the meadow. 
Of course, it was teeming with trolls everywhere 🤤

In Denmark we have several forests named after trolls.
Forests, where crippled trees reach out their tentacles for terrified walkers.

It’s always good fun when you are safe at home😁

11 thoughts on “Trolls and Mysterious Landscapes

  1. Did you happen to see a Norwegian movie, about ten years ago, called “Troll Hunter”? I felt a bit sorry for the trolls, although of course, it’s no fun having one stomp on you or snatch you for a snack. I like Dahl’s painting, which strikes me as a bit odd, but in an appealing way.

    • Hi Robert. I saw a trailer right now. I sat on the edge of the chair.
      Terrifying! The troll in Harry Potter is cute after seeing the Norwegian version.
      I think the painting was a perfect fit for a country filled with trolls 😉😊

  2. Sounds absolutely fun and charming! Denmark is on my list of places to visit one day. You have an amazing and very innovative library system!

    • Thank you, Ab. If you ever visit Denmark pay a visit to Norway too. Western Norway with the fjords, and kilometers high mountains rising from the sea. It’s dramatic and beautiful. A train ride through Norway is an experience of a lifetime.
      You have to fill me in on the innovative libray system?
      All the best,

      • Thank you Hanna. Your part of the world is on my wishlist. A good friend did one of the fjords in Norway earlier this year and the photographs were stunning!

        Aarhus Library in Denmark is very cool and innovative. We hosted one of their Directors at our library last year and I was so inspired by all that they do. Worth checking out.

      • The people of Aarhus are lovely, but I haven’t visited the city yet.
        I did a visit to the site of Aarhus Library yesterday – what a thrill. A beauty from the outside too!!
        I’m fond of libraries. They were a favorite excursion already when I was a child 🙂 An adventure world!
        The old University Library in Copenhagen

      • Copenhagen also has a very innovative library. I follow one of their library directors on social media. Glad you have your own library memories. Scandinavia in general is a part of the world I wish so much to visit one day. One day! 🙂

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