13 thoughts on “Water Life and Flowers

    • Your comment makes me happy, Epi B.
      Nature is a masterpiece and has a lovely healing effect on people including myself!
      My best wishes for you,

  1. Beautiful Springtime heralding new life, new beginnings, a fresh start. Beautiful images, Hanna. Thank you.

    • Thank you!! Nature and spring is a great consolation in the midst of all trials.
      All the best to you and your family, Robin.

    • Hi Margaret. We have enjoyed the encouragement it is when things start to bloom. Especially in these times. Now frost, sleet and snow are expected.
      Best wishes to you!!

    • Thank you Tanja. It is a wonderful hobby, keeping an eye on spring flowers 🙂
      Mirabelle trees scent is amazing.
      The painting by the Danish painter, H.A. Brendekilde have had my attention for a while. Now the flowers became a reality.
      Stay safe!!

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