Kings and Lost Lakes

It was on a beautiful sunny day, that I went to see the ruins of Søborg Castle. Walking on these bare fields reminds me of the lake, that once was here many years ago.

The castle was one of Denmark’s largest and best fortified castles. It was built on an islet in the lake in the middle of the 11th century and was later conquered by the Viking, King Valdemar the Great.

Now the state will restore the lake: Take a peek below the post!

It might well have been here on the old lake bed of Søborg Sø that Andersen-Lundby got his inspiration for the painting: ‘Birds on the road’.

'Birds on the road', by the Danish painter  Anders Andersen-Lundby


The lake is to be restored over a number of years, to attract a diverse bird life and preserve the cultural-historical values around the lake. At the same time it will be an attractive place for outdoor life and reduce nutrient leaching.

The lake has been completely drained through an extended canal system since the 1870s. It was drained for agricultural purposes. The overall water levels in the region has been lowered 6-7 meters. The pumping layer comprises almost 600 ha.

7 thoughts on “Kings and Lost Lakes

  1. very exciting that they are going to restore the lake. they have been restoring and expanding and immense wetlands near my hometown, and it is teeming with birds and animals now

    • Hi Robert. That sounds very promising. I have experienced several recovery projects, but not in such a big scale. The lake has been a fjord years back. If you walk some kilometers further north, you reach the coast. The exciting thing is, that this is where the birds have their runway, when they come from Sweden. Maybe they will find pleasure in a lake area where they can forage.

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