17 thoughts on “My neighbourhood is flourishing

  1. You make me wish I were a little bee, Hanna, so I could visit each of those tiny delicate flowers. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos!

    • Hi Mike. There are so many possibilities for excursions in my neighbourhood. Funny thing is that not all people are exploring the surroundings even with nature just outside their door. And if they do they stick to the main paths with many people. Of course, it’s often to feel safe.
      I know the main paths and all those in between 😊

      • A lot of people that I used to work with never went passed the end of Lake Geneva/Lac Léman, let alone up one of the lesser valleys. So they never really discovered anything. It seems ‘nature’ is not for everyone, but it’s their loss! 🙂

      • So true! You can meet people who go blank when one refers to nature 😲
        We have to share the knowledge of ‘A Key to a Kingdom’ only waiting to be picked up outside people’s doorstep 💖😊

    • Hi Josy. You really inspired me to take a check on the flowers with you post from Vancouver. The scent of flowers are captivating 😎😁

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