The mysterious sound in the bog

To begin with, it was silence that dominated natures sound scape.
Weakly I could hear the children play on the other side of the lake, but then there was this deep low-frequency engine sound.
That sounds like a motocross track nearby, I said.
We stopped and looked across the bog.
Then we caught sight of millions of eyes in the water between the grasses
Hmm! Well at least a hundred.
The bog was alive. Hundreds of frogs were for congress.
A form of song contest, I think 🐸🐸🐸

21 Comments on “The mysterious sound in the bog

  1. Oh my word. That is so cute. I am glad that they were frogs and not toads. Quite a different reaction if they were our cane toads….

      • That’s interesting in the unpleasant way! I hope you will come up with a natural enemy for the toads. Maybe a big bird gets hungry one day 😁

      • They haven’t tried anything yet. Maybe because the road was supposed to be the biological control answer initself, to the beetle that was eating the sugar cane. They invited it here and it was and is a disaster. Toads are incredibly resilient and breed in huge numbers. A survivor.

      • Unfortunately this is what happens sometimes. Thank you for your explanation, Amanda!!

      • The crows have adapted to eat them. They flip them upside down so they don’t get the toxins from their poision glands.

    • Hi Graphicgrub. It’s an interesting experience. I know the sound of green frogs, but not the ‘engine sound.’
      Ah! Now I have identified the frog. It’s the Common Frog.
      Further more I found out that if a Common frog is threatened by an enemy it can make a defending scream. You can check it out on YouTube if you like 🐸

  2. Love your frogs, Hanna. I had a similar experience this week when I accidentally came across hundreds of frogs mating and spawning!!

    • Thanks Elisabeth! Sometimes nature make you wonder. That’s the wonderful part of a walk.
      ‘The Frog Season’ has begun 😊

      • Would you believe, I’ve never seen a frog close up before, but this week made up for it. There must have been several hundred of them!!

  3. Sing away, froggies! They’re like certain members of my family— technically it’s godawful singing, but it makes me happy to hear nonetheless
    You heard motocross, sometimes it’s a 1000 squeaking doors, and sometimes like turkeys gobbling. Happy spring! 😃

    • I love that descriptions of yours, Robert. I will do my best to find the creaking doors and the gobbling turkeys.
      Happy spring to you too!! 😊

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