Where did Santa’s reindeer go?

The place was empty! Santa Claus was not in his office, and all the elves were gone.

At first I thought it was because the staff at the amusement park had cheated with the snow.

It takes a Santa to know ‘white’ from wrong!
The staff should know.

Then I discovered that Santa’s reindeer had run away –

… and Santa and his elves were out looking for Rudolph

11 thoughts on “Where did Santa’s reindeer go?

    • Hi Resa. I got associations with reindeer when I saw the white deer together with the flock of red deer. The white ones are descendants of 12 white deer, which the Danish king received from Germany in the 1737th. Though deer and reindeer come from the same family. The reindeer are slightly smaller in size.
      I liked the thought of Santa Claus searching for his reindeer together with all the elves. What an event in The Great Deer Park ❤ 🙂 🙂

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