A Walk in Klevads Mose

A wonderful experience being back in the bog, Klevads Mose.
The landscape at Klevads Mose is part of a river valley.
Trees were cleared back in 2009 to restore the original river valley.
Both fens and grasslands exist in the valley, and this provides an exciting and varied animal and plant life.
The cattle are keeping the trees down and prevent the valley from being overgrown.
There is a little house at Klevads mose, where you can enjoy the view and eat your lunch.
There are several trail systems in the area, both in the forests Ganløse Egede and Ganløse Ore, as well as paths that runs between Buresø and Furesø ¹

Naturpark Mølleåen

¹ Naturpark Mølleåen

11 Comments on “A Walk in Klevads Mose

    • It’s a wonderful place for walking and the bog is part of a bigger glacial landscape and valleys.
      A great thing that the landscape is protected by environmental authorities.
      The cattle adds a lovely atmosphere 🙂

  1. What a beautiful place! I especially like the photos of the Highland steer — he looked as curious about you as you were about him! Also, that rustic road lined by trees. What kind of vehicle leaves (or needs) three tracks? Very intriguing. 🙂 Wonderful post, Hanna!

    • Thanks for that, Heide!
      The first time I met Scottish Highland cattle was in the mountains in Sweden. We came walking down a steep path when a big bull suddenly blocked the trail – and it was BIG.
      I must admit that I was quite nervous, but it soon turned out that the bull was the good-natured sort.
      I like your questions about the three tracks path 😀 I have several suggestions, but I think the tracks have occurred over time because the girls like to ride side by side.

      • I love the idea of those tracks being made by girls riding their bikes side-by-side, Hanna — that’s a lovely image! xx

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