The Oldest Oak in Northern Europe

We did this walk, while the heat wave swept across Denmark!
I’ve read about hiking trips in Corsica. “GR 20 – the toughest long distance trail in Europe”.
It’s mountainous terrain, but the biggest challenge is to get enough water.
Here comes my point; I craved for water on this walk in Denmark.
The planned route is about 10 kilometers. But it felt like 20 kilometers a least.
Just like a hike on the GR 20 at the end of the stages –
The reason for our visit was three very old oaks, the oldest of which is still alive.
King-Oak is the name of the tree and the age is between 1,500 and 2,000 years old.
A genuine Ent!
Northern Europe’s oldest oak tree, Quercus robur subsp. robur.
Location: 55;54.621N+11;59.356E

Don’t forget your lunch and lemonade and leave only your footprints behind ❤

11 thoughts on “The Oldest Oak in Northern Europe

    • Yes, the trees are magnificent and unique. Wind and weather, people and animals, everything has its influence on these trees. When the Vikings ravaged Europe, The King-Oak was already a giant 🙂

  1. I like to carry a hydration reservoir with 2-3 liters in my pack. A little heavy but you use a lot more water than you imagine when hiking.

    • Hi Fred. It’s a brilliant idea to behave like you. It goes fast downhill without water, but not literally 🙂
      We didn’t carry much hydration with us due to the short distance but that was a mistake!!

  2. A genuine Ent indeed, Hanna! Oh, the things these old beings could tell us if only they could talk. I hope they’re less stressed by the heat than we humans. Thank you for letting us tag along, though, and for your lovely photos.

    • They are apparently unaffected by the heat, Heide. But they may have learned a few tricks so they are able to master the weather changes. They are old enough to adapt 🙂
      If these trees could talk? They find their way around. Soon I will tell you more about that 🙂

      • You are right that nature is adaptable, Hanna — especially the wise old tress. And if you have any insight into their wanderings, I’ll be very keen to hear them! 🙂 xx

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