The Setting

16 Comments on “The Setting

  1. These are so beautiful – I once met four of them in the forest in Blekinge, but that was the only time! And no camera…Thank you for this lovely photo!

    • Thanks for that, George!
      You never know what to expect when you cross the plain. That’s brilliant 🙂

  2. What kind of deer is this? Those antlers look like moose but they are obviously not.

    I’ve never gotten this close to a herd of deer. Occasionally single animals or a pair, never a herd. I envy you.

    • Hi Fred. Do you know those TV shows where the chef in the middle of an intricate dinner exclaims, I’ve cheated a little, and presents the dinner on a beautifully prepared dish?
      Well, the pictures are from a deer park! Though some days you have to walk far to see the animals depending on weather and season and sometimes they are not visible at all.
      I would love if moose occur, but it’s not likely.
      You can read all about Dama Dama on Wiki

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