The old Thorn

There is a Thorn,—it looks so old,
In truth, you’d find it hard to say
How it could ever have been young,
It looks so old and gray.
Not higher than a two years child
It stands erect, this aged Thorn;
No leaves it has, no prickly points;
It is a mass of knotted joints,
A wretched thing forlorn.
It stands erect, and like a stone
With lichens is it overgrown.

William Wordsworth, The Thorn

6 thoughts on “The old Thorn

    • Thank you, Resa. I set my camera on the effect illustration, then editing the image with multiple effects 🙂 Lots of editing 🙂 🙂

  1. I think like that sometimes when I see a really old tree. Imagining what it was like when it was young. I have a 400 year-old oak outside where I live. And you could think like that about some old people too.

    • Old trees are very fascinating and an oak tree is a whole chapter for itself. You are lucky to have such a majesty outside your home.
      Like old people, it sure has witnessed many incidents. If you could read between the furrows 🙂

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