March said to April…

My pictures are from my walk the last three days 🙂

March said to April,
I see three hogs upon a hill;
And if you’ll lend me three days
I’ll find a way to make them go.
The first of them was wind and wet
The second of them was snow and sleet,
The third of them was such a freeze
It froze the birds’ noses to the trees.
When the three days were past and gone
The three silly hogs cam limping home.

6 Comments on “March said to April…

  1. Cute poem!
    I love the last photo! I don’t see how a swan could sleep through a view like that!

    • Haha! You got a point there, Montucky. The icy wind had subsided so I guess it was time for a nap in the sun 🙂

    • Thanks a lot!! We are blessed with sun at the moment so it’s a lovely time outdoor 🙂

  2. Yes…even if it is beautiful…I am longing for April and more warmth, please…

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