A Great Walk Along Lake Esrum

We had a wonderful sunny walk along Lake Esrum some days ago.

Lake Esrum is the largest lake in Denmark by water volume and the second-largest lake by surface area, after lake Arresø. It is situated in the central part of North Zealand (the northeastern region of Zealand), straddling the boundaries of the municipalities Hillerød, Fredensborg, Helsingør and Gribskov, some 40 kilometres north of Copenhagen. wikipedia.

26 thoughts on “A Great Walk Along Lake Esrum

    • The lake has a fascinating story. In the past, foresters transported the timber out on the lake and then pulled the logs on barges, out to sea.
      Afterwards the timber was sailed away on ships to Copenhagen 50 kilometres away to be used as firewood.
      Once I walked to the sea while I followed parts of the canal on the last part of my walk.
      I always enjoy that kind of hidden traces of history in the landscape.
      Thanks a lot for your comment!

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