Happy Sunday!

18 Comments on “Happy Sunday!

  1. Brrr! this is a sur-real image= the smooth shapes of the rocks under the fuzzy coating of hoar frost-wonderful! And it took me a moment to recognize that one “rock” was another goose.

    • Dear Holly. That’s the beauty of it isn’t it. To discover an important picture in the picture 🙂
      All the best,

    • Querida Isabel Te deseo una feliz semana y gracias por tu encantador comentario ❤
      Un abrazo

  2. A photo from 2018? Hardly? 2017? Just lovely. I can look at it throughout the day….it depict just that kind of day I would like to come this winter. But I think not.

    • Dear Leya. I’m looking for the right kind of weather but it really is depressing!!!
      I have Fyledalen in mind. You know the fields north of Ystad.
      Wish you happy walks with the right kind of light ❤

  3. I have 2 questions. How come you have so many lovely place to walk? When can I join you? Have a lovely day.

    • Hi Roger. I’m an addict to lovely places 🙂 I always try to find new ones, but the weather has been awful for over half a year now. Rain and more rain! …and mud!
      It would be fun to invite people for walks but the conditions aren’t worth it a the moment!!
      I’ll let you know if things are changing.
      All the best,

      • Hi Hanna, We have the opposite here in the Wellington region at the moment. Although it is cloudy today with light rain we have had lots of hot dry weather since the middle of November I think. The sun in New Zealand is very harsh due to the ozone hole above us so we have to be careful in the sun.

      • Hi Roger. The climate is making interesting turns. Who knows where it’s ending! No doubt we are spectators for a new era –
        All the best,

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