Turn Down The Noise

The sun is shining at the moment. A very rare incident!
But I’ll just have to wait a little longer before I tie my boots.
The pictures are from Ejby Aadal. Years back with a lot of snow.
In fact the snow prevented us from celebrating Christmas in Sweden.
The roads were impassable and the landscape lay wrapped in white.
These were days that were easy to confuse with scenes from a fairy tale.

Turn down the noise. Reduce the speed. Be like the somnolent bears, or those other animals that slow down
and almost die in the cold season. Let it be the way it is. The magic is there in its power.

Henry Mitchell

26 thoughts on “Turn Down The Noise

  1. Hi Hannah, I’m loving your photos of the Ejby Adal area! Last year I stayed in a Air BnB there and fell in love with the Isefjord, Denmark and it’s people. I work in archaeology and was fascinated to see so many beautifully maintained burial chambers and standing stones. I’m planning on bringing my family to Ejby Adal from the UK next year and would love to know about any walking routes in the area. (Can you walk wherever you want in Denmark or do you have to follow signposted public footpaths?). I look forward to following your blog! Beverley

    • Hi Holly. It’s a perfect weather if you don’t have to drive 🙂
      Though it is a stunning background for Christmas festivities ❤

    • You got it right! Sometimes we had a feeling of walking around in a deep freezer 🙂
      No wind but the icy cold landscape. It was really exciting and beautiful at the same time!!

  2. really beautiful, dear Hanna, I specially like the second photo, have a nice sunny day. We had sun today, too 🙂 kind regards Mitza

    • The tranquility, the sea fog and the dimmed colors. There are moments in nature that I never forget. When you are in the middle of an experience like that it feels as if one floats of pure happiness …
      Thank you for your beautiful comment, Hollie.

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