Colours on a dark and misty day

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On a dark and misty day I succeed in finding a colourful path and fierce colourful music in Freiraum by Stefan Haase

Chi - Liv

Freiraum by Stefan Haase

15 Replies to “Colours on a dark and misty day”

  1. Oh, what a nice suprise. Thank you very much, Hanna, for mentioning. I am lad that you like the Herbert Pixner Project too. It is modern traditional music like a colourful path as you written. Perfect with your colourful and beautiful painting. Let us hope for more colurful days. From time to time we all need a bit inspiration.

      1. You´re welcome. And it makes me happy that a song I selected for a blog post written in German inspired you for a beautiful painting. Blogging connect!

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