Krimml Wasserfälle

Today is International Mountain Day 2016 ❤
This picture is from Austria, Krimml.
This region will always stay on my bucket list.
Even after several attempts to uncheck it.

Krimmler Wasserfälle




6 Comments on “Krimml Wasserfälle

  1. Pocas cosas son tan hermosas como las montañas, bueno el mar y los ríos; no sabía que hubiese un “día de la montaña”, pero me parece genial.
    Un grandísimo abrazo, querida Hanna !!!

    • I love mountains, Barbara. There might be a special day for many objects 🙂 Maybe Air France has one ❤ 🙂 – or we better establish one!!
      Many abrazos and love,

  2. Yo no sabía que hoy es el “Día de la Montaña” y tendré que celebrarlo virtualmente. A mí me gustan mucho los paisajes montañosos y los paseos por esos lugares tan bucólicos. Mis montañas añoradas son las del Pirineo aragonés, en Huesca. Si se te presenta la ocasión, te recomiendo visitar el Valle de Ordesa. Un abrazo, amiga ❤

    • Hola Magnoliae. Extrañamente que mencionas Ordesa. Hace años leí sobre las montañas allí y parece un lugar extremadamente hermoso y aventurero para un paseo o simplemente sentarse junto a un río y disfrutar de la vida.
      Un abrazo ❤

  3. We were lucky to visit the Krimml waterfalls two years ago. The ony downside is that is was overcowded. So I think it’s best to visit them early or late summer. But even when there are way too many people, it still is one of the nicest watefalls in Europe.

    • Hi David. We went early June and had a wonderful holiday with nice walks in the mountains. Even at that time of year it’s a popular destination for many people and it stood in a huge contrast to some of the deserted areas we have experienced in the Norway mountain terrain.
      We met some lovely Austrians, and they made the holiday so special too but Krimml was a great stay anyway ❤ 🙂

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