A Fabulous Moraine Landscape

The landscape consists of vast forests, open meadows bogs and fields.
The nature maintains by sheep and cows, and as a glorious disturbance in the middle of the moraine landscape lies the lake, Sjælsø as a sparkling jewel.
I’ve often cycle through Rude Skov and towards the lake, Sjælsø. This route is one of my favourite excursions. A fabulous dramatically variation of a landscape created by the last ice age 10,000 years ago.
Sjælsøstien, Rudersdal,
Find vej på Sjælsøstien
I kan se flere billeder fra et flot morænelandskab her:
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31 thoughts on “A Fabulous Moraine Landscape

    • Sometimes it’s due to the weather and light how the presentation comes out. I like to walk in all kind of weather but impression of the landscape varies quite unbelievable and it certainly did this day!!
      Thanks Alen

  1. Precioso paseo. Esos cielos tan etéreos contrastando con los ocres de los árboles generan una gran sensación de paz. Precioso conjunto de fotos. ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. Echoing the comments of others, these are stunning images! I don’t want to spoil them by going all technical, but I’m curious how you achieved this soft and dreamy look. Decreasing sharpening or clarity, perhaps?

    • Thanks a lot. The light was fantastic that day and so were the colours. Usually I do my utmost to get the right exposure. Afterwards I used an ‘edit photo online’ just for fun but it came out as a golden age of painting. I shall not complain 🙂
      Speaking of your blog name, did you know that Jules Verne was inspired by climbing a church tower in Copenhagen?
      It inspired Jules Verne in his book, A trip to the bowels of the earth…
      All the best,

      • I did not! Copenhagen was one of our first blog posts, and we stayed very close to the Church of Our Saviour. I feel I need to revisit that post to include this fitting piece of trivia 🙂 Thanks Hanna!

    • Hi Jeannette. It is indeed a lovely spot though a walk on your beach would be brilliant too. Take a joyous walk for me 🙂 🙂

    • Kære Leya. Når solen skinner er der stadigvæk en eksplosion af farver. Især for et par dage siden, da jeg tog billederne. Jeg var også overrasket over lyset.
      Mange gode hilsner,

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