Living on the edge…

“If you’re not living on the edge you’re taking up too much space.”
Stephen Hunt

This was his summer cottage. I overheard the conversation between two women passing me when I was going down the hill.
A summer cottage I thought? Knud Rasmussen was preparing for his expeditions as a polar explorer and wrote his travel books, scientific reports, tales and legends in this place.
In the windswept house overlooking the sea, he shared his adventures with us.
It’s a grand tale of a man who always were out on an adventure. In reality or in his thoughts.
Knud Rasmussen died in 1933, 54 years old.
Peter Freuchen, another great polar explorer and friend wrote these words after Knud’s death:

“Knud Rasmussen was a man who endured to be viewed close up without losing in value.”

Did Knud Rasmussen take up to much space?  He only became 54 years old, but he achieved much more than most people do in a lifetime.


Bag byen ligger Knud Rasmussens hus på en 30 meter høj klint

Behind the town lies Knud Rasmussen’s house on a 30 meter high cliff

The House of Knud Rasmussen
Knud Rasmussen – Wikipedia