16 Comments on “The Tree

    • Thank you rabirius. The afternoon was dull, but suddenly the rain stopped and the sun broke through. Every time that happens it seems like a miracle 🙂

      • Yes. I can imagine. Here, October was mainly darkish and rainy and then the colours of the trees don’t look so nice.

      • The professional set designer has arrived when the sun starts to shine. The contrast really is remarkable. Wish you a splendid sunny November!!

    • I like landscapes that invite the viewer inside. Which tempt you with room within a room. With winding paths in changing vegetation. You always want to know what lies behind the next turn ❤
      Thank you!

  1. Beautiful colours Hanna and wonderful words. I’m signing off for a few months but hope to be back next year. It’s early I know but happy healthy Christmas and New Year

    • It is always good to be ahead of time, Ash 🙂 Happy hours with your family!!!

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