The Conquest of England

The King’s Journey, Kongens Togt is a thousand-year mark for Cnut the Great and his conquest of England. No talk of Brexit back then 🙂

The Sea Stallion from Glendalough


Kongens Togt

20 Comments on “The Conquest of England

  1. That’s a beautiful ship! I hope to travel to Europe some day and have the opportunity to see this.

    • I can easily see many problems related to EU but I like the idea of a united Europe. So no Brexit in my case 🙂

  2. Nice pictures, Hanna. Will the Sea Stallion be venturing out to sea again this summer?

    • Hi Alen. The Sea Stallion has already been on a three-week summer cruise: ‘Sailing where the wind blows.’
      Afterwards the ship was on a variety of visits in inland waters in Denmark with proper Viking markets. The Viking ship is part of the dissemination project ‘‘. It is also unique training for the large crew which is required for sailing the Viking ship. It is a mix of old and new crew.
      I heard rumours about a longer voyage abroad in a few years. Cross my fingers for that to happen ❤
      Cheers, Hanna

  3. Brilliant pictures Hanna. I would love to visit this wonderful ship.

    • Thank you very much, Nat. It’s hard for me to be satisfied with my pictures of The Sea Stallion before I have the opportunity to follow the ship in full sail. It is an invaluable vision ❤

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