A Glorious Walk at Frederiksborg Castle

I’ve spent magical times on my walks at Frederiksborg Castle north of Copenhagen. Winter evenings were beautiful. The Stable Street and portals, gate towers and turrets, the courtyards and of course the view of Frederiksborg Castle, covered with snow all together added the impression of a fairy tale.
These delights are surrounded by wonderful castle gardens.

My plan was to revisit the renaissance castle, the baroque garden and not least the ordinary and spectacular garden with ponds and old trees. Bathhouse, hunting castle and the grazing Dexter cows. Well you might not call it ordinary after all.

Ducks Waiting
Oh! What were the ducks waiting for?

They are waiting for their feathers to grow out properly so they can fly over the castle and enjoy the beautiful sight of all the glory. They will also take the opportunity to forage.

Please remember your lunch!


The history of the castle

24 thoughts on “A Glorious Walk at Frederiksborg Castle

    • Thank you so much 🙂 You should see it in wintertime when the castle is covered with snow and the children are sledging on the surrounding hills – Fairy tale like it is ❤

    • Thanks for commenting, Inger ❤ Copper, masonry and sandstone add an extra visual experience to the great renaissance castle. It is a real fairy-tale castle 🙂
      Wish you a great weekend,

  1. What a fabulous post! The castle and gardens are breathtaking. One thing Canada lacks is castles. 🙂 🙂

    • Thank you, Resa. Christian the 4th, he who built the castle, was a very large building and war champion. When he had completed his deed, no money was left for Denmark. But he left some magnificent renaissance buildings that we can enjoy today 🙂 🙂

  2. Wow! a romantic, charming and magical place! your photos are beautiful, reflect very well the atmosphere and grandeur of the castle and its gardens. A big hug, Hanna!

    • Thanks a lot, Jacint 🙂
      Sometimes you just have to be there when the light and weather are at their best.
      A big hug from Denmark too 🙂

    • Det er et super interessant sted set i en større sammenhæng. Geografi og historie spiller godt sammen.
      Frederik den 2. var i krig med svenskerne, og den krig ‘arvede’ hans søn Christian den 4.
      Frederik den 2. lod svenske krigsfanger grave en vandingskanal til slottet helt ude fra Gribskov.
      Til gengæld stjal svenskerne Neptunspringvandet senere fra Christian den 4. Måske som en raffineret hævn: Vandet skulle ikke springe fra kanalen i skoven 🙂
      Tak for ordene, Drake 🙂

      Der er tydelige spor af kanalen ved Fruebjerg i Gribskov

  3. GLORIOUS is right! Wow, Hanna. You’ve really outdone yourself with these stunning images!

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