The Sorting Hat

The Sorting Hat

Have you doubt about your shoes? Put on your walking boots and go for a lovely walk in the spring ❤

9 Comments on “The Sorting Hat

  1. Genial la primera foto y el resto estupendas como siempre que dan ganas de “emigrar” a esos lugares tan bonitos. Muchas gracias, querida Hanna.
    Besos !!!

    • Querida Barbara, gracias. Hoy he celebrar el Día de la Tierra en uno de los lugares más bellos cuarenta kilómetros al norte de Copenhague, en el campo. Usted puede mirar adelante a una reunión: paseos, que no quiere dejar.
      Muchos besos y una noche feliz ❤

  2. An excellent post as always Hanna, and yes I recognise some of the locations in the photos. By the way I prefer shoes for walking, not boots, but each to their own.

    • Thanks a lot!! It’s just a matter of speaking. I prefer shoes myself though I’ve always used boots in Norway. The ankles must be really strong, I think, if they are to withstand a sharp twist.
      You make me smile about the recognition of the area. You probably know Denmark better than me. Sorry to say that but I think it’s true. At least the coastline is your expertise 🙂

      • True, I am now looking for the next coastline to explore. In my view the coastlines are one of Denmark´s greatest assets. Lets hope that they remain accessible to those who wander.

    • Dear Nia. You are most welcome. I wish you a lovely weekend and thank you for visiting ❤
      Love, Hanna

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