Where Raven Cry

I walk in a different light.
Boots stuck in mud and water holes.
While ravens and buzzards crying over me.
I walk between mounds and beautiful vistas.
I walk between old oaks.
They look like they have been here forever.
The light is generous and joy bubbles for suddenly a large crane flock flies over me while trumpeters their message:
Spring is here.

15 thoughts on “Where Raven Cry

  1. There is something so enchanting about a springtime walk in the forest. Shy little crocuses poking out of the ground. The smell of thawing earth and new greenery. Happy Spring, Hanna! 🌸🌷🌼

    • Julie, I found this poetry by Thomas Blackburn, ‘An Easter Hymn’, to add up your lovely comment:

      Awake, thou wintry earth –
      Fling off thy sadness!
      Fair vernal flowers, laugh forth
      Your ancient gladness!

      I wish you a happy springtime too!

    • Querida Isabel. Estoy haciendo todo lo posible. Pero cuando se trata de aves uno tiene que ser muy afortunado, despierto y ser paciente 🙂
      Abrazo grande ❤

  2. Beautiful, Hanna! Your springtime sounds magical. I think our summer may be more like your spring there. It’s when we get our main rainfall and everything becomes fresh and green and bursting with life. The rest of the year is fairly dry where I live. 🙂

    • Thanks a lot, Jane. We don’t have a subtropical climate as you 🙂 but it seems we are adopting the Spanish climate. Many birds don’t bother to travel to Spain any longer.
      Denmark has maritime climate, which is characterized by the maximum is 18 degree difference between the coldest and the hottest month.
      We are located in the temperate climate zone. The climate in these regions have winter with frost and snow, but it is not much snow with climate change and El Nino.
      Wish you happy days where ever you are ❤
      All the best,

  3. Que sí, Hanna, que ya ha llegado la primavera con su maravillosa luz. Un abrazo, amiga, y sigue disfrutando de tus frondosos bosques. 🙂

    • Fui a dar un largo paseo en bicicleta en la actualidad. El clima era precioso. No hemos tenido mucho sol durante mucho tiempo. Pero ahora es un momento de alegría. La cena fue un poco tarde para decirlo suavemente 🙂
      Un fuerte abrazo,

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