8 Comments on “Natur, Kunst og Vandring

  1. Isn’t the hawthorn beautiful! And what a fine house! Have a wonderful may-flower weekend

    • Thank you for that wonderful wish, Ash. You probably know that the hawthorn is a fairy tree just like ash 🙂 and oak.
      If they stand side by side miracles might happen.
      Do you remember I told you about the workshops in Rådvad. They are open this weekend.
      All the best,

  2. What gloriously green and beautiful countryside. I love the picture of the butterfly or is it a moth on the flower. I haven’t seen a pattern like that before. Once again you delight me with your nature gifts. Thank you, Hanna. 🙂

    • …and once again you delight me with your comments, Jane. The butterfly I think is an Aurora. It’s a girl 🙂
      I wish you a happy weekend.
      All the best,

  3. Beautiful pictures, Hanna. Those hawthorns in bloom are really something. I’d love to wander among them.
    Regards, Alen

    • It’s really nice, Alen, Don’t you have flowering trees at the moment? Or is it to cold yet???

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