Jeg troede ikke længere det var muligt, men det skete, solen skinnede 🙂

Alle folk var af huse for at nyde den sjældne gæst.

God tur uanset vejret ❤

Geel Skov

Click here to see some serious snow from Norway 🙂

20 Comments on “Sol

    • Isabel, the weather today was very enjoyable. It seems a long time since the sun was out for so long 🙂 I hope you are having a nice winter 🙂
      All the best,

  1. These are beautiful pictures. Even with the little bit of snow & the people all wrapped up, the pictures make me smile, a big broad smile.

    • Thanks, Ash. Glad the pictures made you smile 🙂
      Maybe you clicked the link with the Norwegian film to see serious snow removal.
      I have a very good friend who was visiting the west coast of Norway going to work on a hospital. She passed such a road in her tiny little red car feeling completely lost 🙂 🙂

      • Yes I watched the Norwegian film. I’m not surprised your friend felt lost. That’a another country I’d love to visit but not with all that snow! Brrrrr!

      • Sometimes they clear the mountain passes from snow in late summer. The snow in the mountains the green valleys and the rivers are indescribably beautiful. There’s not always so much snow 🙂 🙂

    • Thank you, Alexander. I sat an hour in the sun enjoying the warmth and eating my lunch. Luckily I wasn’t in the same scary situation as ‘your’ duck 🙂

    • Kære Nina. Det har samme effekt på os mennesker som havet og stranden ❤ 🙂
      Bedste hilsner til jer,

  2. Perfect winter pictures, Hanna. You are lucky to have snow and sun. It’s just grey and miserable here.

    • Thanks Alen. Sun! It’s like winning the lottery here in Denmark, where we have to use GPS to navigate through the cloud cover 🙂

    • Querida Bárbara. Siempre me haces sonreír. Gracias por sus hermosas palabras.
      Espero que usted está teniendo una buena noche.
      Todo lo mejor y un abrazo 🙂

    • Hi Indah. Thank you for the praise of my picture 🙂 The snow is all gone by now and everything is like autumn again. Such a strange weather condition.
      I hope you are in for a lovely evening ❤
      All the best,

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