Sne i ‘Musens Rige’

I dag sneede det over hele Danmark. I ‘Musens Rige’ faldt 2-3 cm.

I morgen skinner solen, måske 🙂

God tur i sneen ❤

26 thoughts on “Sne i ‘Musens Rige’

    • Gracias, Barbara. Creo que mi pato hizo bien, pero el pato en Toronto quedado atrapado en el hielo.
      Abrazos están dejando en Tren Rapido 🙂

  1. Hanna, I’ve just finished reading some strange stories by Tove Jansson & the last one was called “Snow”! Unusual stories! However your pictures are beautiful & very restful.

    • I must take a closer look at Tove Jansson’s stories. The one called Snow sounds interesting. I found it on-line.I’m going to read it to settle my curiosity 🙂 I went out today in the sun. I got some beautiful pictures – The sky was blue and the snow was white, not grey 🙂
      All the best,

      • Hi Ash. Now I’ve read Snow. An imagination of a child? I thought it was a living nightmare like a daily life with Franz Kafka 🙂 🙂

      • I’m reading “A Winter Book” which is a selection of Tove Jansson’s stories. I agree, there is a sort of innocence to the stories, a sort of child-like quality & yet there is also a wisdom which comes from adult experience! I bought the book about 8 years ago but find I have to re-read the stories because like shining a torch in a dark place you don’t get to see the bigger view.

      • Ash, I think the torch is a great example of the neglected and hidden angles to the stories. The torch reminds me of a new hiking area only waiting to be explored 🙂 ❤

      • Actually Hanna I think I may have used one of TJ’s metaphors or something like one. There is something in this book where the girl wants to jump onto an iceburg as it sails by but then she throws her torch onto it instead. One is left with this picture of the torch sailing off to the horizon, still shining way beyond our vision.

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