What’s the Weather like in Winter

Roger asks me how the winter is in Denmark.

I can tell you that the Danish winter has changed significantly. And that probably won’t come as a surprise to anyone. What is interesting is that it has happened so quickly.

The pictures are from 2012 and since then it’s getting longer between the really hard winters!
If you want to photograph snowy landscapes, you have to be quick with the camera.

Those snowy days on the pictures is every child’s wish for a real winter. It was indescribably beautiful and fun to be out and about.

8 thoughts on “What’s the Weather like in Winter

    • There is a special mood about snowy weather. Especially if it’s only once in a while. The shift from the dark winter time, to the light of trillions of ice crystals. It’s magical.
      But I’ll grant you that it can be awfully cold 🙂
      Thanks for visiting!!

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