The Unimaginable Mountain Lakes

We are walking, climbing and running down the mountainside and suddenly the lake is there. Indescribably beautiful.
We are silent for a moment. The moment must be kept, never forgotten.
Mountain lakes are wondrous. A reflection of sky and mountain.
A raven watch every step we take. The only sound is the cry of the bird while it is moving uneasily on a branch. Life is here and now.

Outlet at Lake Tahoe by the German-American painter, Albert Bierstadt

The Head of a Scotch Lake by the British painter, Alfred de Breanski

Mountain Scene by the German-American painter, Albert Bierstadt

In the Mountains by the German-American painter, Albert Bierstadt

13 thoughts on “The Unimaginable Mountain Lakes

  1. The last painting looks like something out of a fantasy novel. Mountains and lakes and the mirror reflection they create are magical indeed.

  2. Lovely paintings, Hanna. And even though it has been (too) long since I have hiked to a mountain lake, I can relate to your words. It is always special to get to a mountain lake.

  3. Truth! It seems that all mountain lakes are hidden until the last moment when they are instantly revealed in all their glory. Living in a really dry place, seeing water in the mountains is always magical and always appreciated.

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