10 thoughts on “The Loveliness of Cherry Trees

  1. A lot of our blossom has been slightly delayed as it has been quite cold for April but some trees had blossom in January here briefly!

    • January, that’s early!! April has been unusually cold in Denmark, too. On the other hand, spring is extended, and no complaint is heard from here. Can’t get enough spring, obviously 😀

  2. We are very blessed to have a cherry tree in our front yard and it is starting to bloom and will be in full bloom in 3-4 days. And you’re right, they are so lovely and magical. We enjoy them for the week or so we have them every year. Such a treat!

    • ‘Such a treat’!! That is an absolutely wonderful expression of the wonder of nature. A new beginning.
      Enjoy the lovely sight, Ab!

    • Thank you for your lovely comment!!
      You made me curious about the Tale of Genji. Don Juan in Japanese.
      The Tale of Genji, one of the world’s first short stories, if not the first. Very fascinating to read about 🎁🤗

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