The beautiful coast of Sweden

It was an outstanding walk in June along the Swedish coast of Halland with good friends.
Now I’m going to visit that coast again in August – September to enjoy the flowering heather. Just like Johan Frederik Krouthen did, a Swedish photographer and painter, when he caught the seascape so beautifully with his paintbrush.

Below you’ll find the lovely oil painting: Scene from Halland North Coast, by the Swedish photographer and painter Johan Frederik Krouthen. Birth and death: 2. November 1858 – 19. December 1932. commons.wikimedia.

8 thoughts on “The beautiful coast of Sweden

  1. Gorgeous. It is so nice when art captures the beauty of scenery like that. I can almost smell the heather. ❤

    • Hi Josypheen. Sometimes the artists exaggerate in their eagerness to portray the greatness of their country. I once experienced this when I was missing several meters in a dramatic coastal area 🙂

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