Folios of April

These are folios of April,
All the library of spring,
Missals gilt and rubricated
With the frost’s illumining.
Ruthless, we destroy these treasures,
Set the torch with hand profane—
Gone, like Alexandrian vellums,
Like the books of burnt Louvain!
Yet these classics are immortal:
O collectors, have no fear,
For the publisher will issue

New editions every year. ~ Burning Leaves, November by Christopher Morley

7 thoughts on “Folios of April

    • Thank you, Robert. It would be nice with sunshine and autumn leaves forward to your Thanksgiving Day. In December, there are lights in windows and on trees, in squares and streets and then suddenly we’re past winter equinox 🙂
      … yet I value every single day of my life even in darkness, wind, cold and rain 🙂

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