Now – Bring Me That Horizon

Now – bring me that horizon – The last line from Pirates of the Caribbean

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9 thoughts on “Now – Bring Me That Horizon

    • You’re right, thanks!! It’s a beautiful blue colour. It is an image that takes you out to sea. I find it soothing to look at!
      Some years ago we were on a mountain hike for two weeks in Norway.
      When we got home, we went out to sea to become acclimated.
      We lacked the endless views and tranquillity that you find in the mountains. But I don’t have to tell you that kind of things 😎😊

      • Mountains and sea. Both have their own special characteristics. It’s nice to combine them both and there are so places where you can do this 😊

  1. I haven’t been on boats much but not because I don’t like them. I liked the film but haven’t seen the last 2 yet. Have a good day.

    • Thanks for your comment, Roger. I have sailed with all the boat trips that I’ve been close to. Not many, but your words made me think back and it was actually an exciting journey. My brother has a boat measuring 26ft. It’s a small boat. We sailed out in calm weather, but along the way the weather turned bad and the waves washed over us. I was sure the boat sank, haha! It didn’t! I have also sailed many times in Turkey. Sometimes in bad weather with high waves. And once in Egypt with sharks in the water, we just didn’t know it. There is nothing better than messing about in boats 😊
      Wish you a joyous weekend!!

    • Thanks a lot, Montucky. The sea is captivating on a day like this. I wonder if you ever could find a day where the sea and the sky is looking as an exact copy of a previous. I think it is impossible with the changing expression of the sea and the many cloud formations. An ever-changing landscape!
      “Denmark is a unique place on the globe, where most of the weather and most air masses pass by throughout the year. With the masses of air and the changeable weather follows all sorts of clouds.” / Translation from the Danish Meteorological Institute

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