A Holy Hole Tree

Perhaps you have heard of it before: A sacred hole tree.
If you have diseases or ailments, you must crawl through the hole in the tree.
There is a tradition of being naked because it is a kind of rebirth.
When you climb through the hole, you have to sacrifice a piece of clothing to the tree as thanks.

Hole trees are primarily healing trees, but often they are also taboo trees that one must not harm.
I found this tree on the meadow and was content to take this picture as the only action 😊

2 thoughts on “A Holy Hole Tree

  1. There’s a stone in Cornwall, England with a hole through it. It has the same traditions and is part of a prehistoric monument the Men-an-tol. I crawled through it once when I was younger!

    • I studied the stone on Cornwall’s Archaeological Heritage: http://www.historic-cornwall.org.uk
      It is truly unique in size and location. It was the pharmacy of the time and a fantastic way to activate the body’s immune system I think.
      The more one examines the stories of folklore, the more stories pops up on the subject. An amazing subject!

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