Which path would you choose?

We can go for a walk, but only on the big paths!!
It is not the first time we have that exchange of words my friend and I, but that’s just an expression of differences between to people.
Well today I’m alone and I can pick all the twisted and odd paths I might find and I’m thrilled. I choose new paths I’ve never walk before and get a new view to lakes due to a different angle.
That finally brings me along a small path between newly sprouted birch trees to a point on a hill beside the biggest hill we have in Denmark in North Zealand; Maglebjerg.
Here I find a beautiful granite stone, but without the inscription on the geodetic measuring point on Maglebjerg. The only marking is a large engraved X on the top of the stone.
X marks the spot! I can still see the path below between the beautiful fresh beech leaves.
Only the song from the birds can be heard that’s all.
On a day like today this spot is worth a visit.

14 thoughts on “Which path would you choose?

    • Thanks a lot! Komoot is a brilliant tool in many situations. Just download the app and your are on the right track 🙂

    • I was delighted with my walk, Isabel and to find new paths in a forest that I already know so well is a big inspiration and feels like getting a 1st Prize 🙂
      Thanks a lot for your lovely comment ❤
      Wish you a lovely evening xx

  1. What a wonderful friend you are to be so patiently accommodating of the “only on the big path” request, Hanna! But you’re right in honoring that as simply a different preference. Just as you are right to follow your heart and wander into the less-trodden paths that call to your soul — as these beautiful photos will attest. Thank you for letting us come along with you among the wildflowers and the birches. xx

    • That was a wonderful compliment, Heide. Luckily the patience works both ways and for that I’m grateful 🙂 …but to follow your heart is a much important matter and a true guideline in our lives.
      I’m happy that you are with me ❤

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