Passing Lilla Dan On Our Way

We had a great walk along Øresund.
A walk between the statue of the great explorer Knud Rasmussen and the harbour of Skovshoved.
Great was the joy when we saw Lilla Dan.
This fine ship was built in 1951 as a training ship and has been in The shipping company, J. Lauritzen A/S ownership since then.
Everyone who has built model ships has built Lilla Dan, okay maybe not all.
The schooner is a decor for the eye. The ship has many nice details and I never get tired of admiring it.
The crew was busy maintaining the ship and they are doing a great job as you can see.
Today Lilla Dan is a chartership.

4 thoughts on “Passing Lilla Dan On Our Way

    • Thank you, Montucky. I think it is of great value when a ship like Lilla Dan is maintained.
      It is very much a part of the Danish cultural heritage.

    • Dear Mitza. I would love to take a walk in Hamborg. No matter what habour you visit
      there is always a lot of maintenance on the ships and at the same time an eager mood aimed at new adventures. Or it’s something I’m imaging 🙂 A colourful environment anyway 🙂
      All the best,

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