9 thoughts on “A Walkabout Frederiksborg Castle

    • Dear Holly. Thanks a lot for your nice words. The great thing about the card in Komoot is that people who are nearby can install the route on their telephone and be guided around in the park if they feel tempted to see the castle and the park and experience the things that I did 🙂 That’s brilliant isn’t it? 🙂

  1. Very good that, Hanna. And some lovely pictures. When I see castles and houses surrounded by water it always makes me wonder whether they were damp places in which to live. I bet it was hard getting wallpaper to stick to the walls.
    Cheers, Alen

    • Thanks a lot, Alen. You are probably right about the tapestry 🙂 Might be Sisyfos work.
      I did some searching regarding insulation in medieval buildings. In a previous post I have written about Esrum Monastery monks used mile burned charcoal, covered with sand and branches as insulating material in the floors. But they had only a meadow to fight, not a moat.
      So back to Frederiksborg Castle and the moat. One December night in 1859 King Frederik 2. is so miserably by the cold that he stoked up heavily in the fireplace. The entire castle burns down to a smoking heap, except the palace church and nearby buildings. In 1884 the castle was rebuilt and has been used as a museum ever since. Now only the mice are freezing.

      The winter night when the castle burnt down. The picture is owned by Danish National Museum.

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