Quiet before the storm

Tonight a storm will hit Denmark. The water level is expected to reach new heights.
Many homes are threatened by flood waters.
The Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde ensures the museum towards the sea while the waves are already licking up the walls.

Some days ago I was lucky enough to walk in this wonderful bog on a day full of sunshine.

12 thoughts on “Quiet before the storm

    • Thanks a lot for good thoughts, Leya!!
      We are okay but people living by the fjords they are really suffering because of the increased water level.
      At Roskilde Danish Emergency Management Agency put out watertubes that can protect against the flooding. As I remember, the tubes might shield against the water at a height of 125 cm, but the water is expected to rise by 145 cm above the normal at 23 o’clock in the evening.
      All the best,

  1. We have a climate that seems to reach new extremes in just about every corner of our world. Certainly our seasonal cycle of change is more uncertain than ever. We watch and wait to see what nature has up her sleeve for us over the winter months 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment, David. Indeed the weather is changing and I think the process is proceeding faster than most people are expecting. But I am no oracle, just as well 🙂
      You are right we will have to wait and see.
      All the best,

  2. I hope you`ve done well and nothing happened. At this moment we have mild stormy weather in southern Germany — this gives an inkling how mighty this storm is in the North.

    • Thanks for the good thoughts !! There are areas in Denmark, which is severely affected by floods because the water gets trapped inside the different fjords. The worst is in the midst Denmark, where one expects an increased water level in Odense River at 174 cm above normal.
      All the best,

    • Thank you, Montucky. No people were injured. The worst damage is not from the storm itself, but the water level that continues to rise at the moment.

  3. Those reflections! So fascinating! Sometimes the illusion is as real as the real. And then the storm will shatter it all. The real as well as the illusion. But beauty will be born again.

    • You’re right, Ellington. Out of chaos, beauty emerges. Today has been a beautiful sunny day. But the water is still rising in some parts of Denmark because of our fjord environment and the unusual wind directions that have been over the last 24 hours.
      All the best

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