The journey is the goal, a waterfall path

“The journey is the goal”.
This is how the waterfall path in Krimml is presented, and the path is indeed a goal in itself.
Stunning views and enjoyable exercise.
Krimml Waterfalls has a drop of 380 meters and is located in the National Park Hohe Tauern, Austria, near the border to Italy.
We had a wonderful climb along the waterfalls years ago and ended in a beautiful mountain valley with flowers all over.
Take a dive in The Krimml Waterfalls

6 thoughts on “The journey is the goal, a waterfall path

  1. Beautiful photos, Hanna. The church and the fence makes ist typical for Austria, don’t you think? The waterfall is grand, really majestic. Being in the mountains are 🙏🏻

    • It’s a brilliant idea with a path along the water fall. It gives you a remarkable walking experience and some stunning views.

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