Where beetles and frogs throw shadows

Among the old tombs, streams and lakes are sharing their life-giving force to the light green beech trees, the birds and the green frog 🙂

25 Comments on “Where beetles and frogs throw shadows

    • Hi David. The forest may appear wild, but it is a cultural forest. It is 630 hectares of forest with ancient plantations, hills, marshes and lakes. There are many different trees in the forest, and diseased trees are allowed to lie in order to develop a richer animal and plant life. The forest will assume the characteristics of natural forests over time, that’s a brilliant idea I think 🙂 🙂
      There is a long ‘green belt’ of forest, where Tokkekøb Hegn forms part of it. If one continue farther north you might end up in the oldest forest in Danmark: Gribskov

  1. This is the time when even I as an atheist will think of these as holy places. You’ve caught that spirit here.

    • Dear Arletta. You caught my heart with that remark. Once you have that feeling in nature you cannot let go of it. A happy kind of blessing for sure 🙂

    • Entirely my pleasure, Samuel 🙂 …though there might be a lack of snow and ice in your opinion 🙂

    • Haha! He was heavy loaded, the dear robin. There might have been small robins waiting for breakfast 🙂
      Thanks Holly!

  2. Beautiful nature pictures you have taken, Hanna. 🙂 Robin is a little beautiful bird, one of my favorites. Beautiful picture of the frog, and the beetle has a beautiful blue color.

    • Hi Montucky. It is indeed.
      Walk softly when you walk among frogs, beetles and birds…and you will be rewarded. I really enjoyed the walk 🙂

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