Someone painted pictures on my
Windowpane last night —
Willow trees with trailing boughs
And flowers, frosty white,

And lovely crystal butterflies;
But when the morning sun
Touched them with its golden beams,
They vanished one by one.
Helen Bayley Davis, Jack Frost

Frost i Rude Skov

10 thoughts on “FROST

  1. Someone sent me a funny Christmas card once…. it said
    “Jack Frost roasting on an open fire,
    Chestnuts nipping at my nose,”
    Well, I thought it was funny. Do you?

    • Es casi una fiebre como estado cuando veo colores y escenarios únicos. Tal vez usted reconoce la sensación? 🙂
      Thanks a lot, Jacint!!

    • Hi Stefan. Sometimes you think, you have seen it all. But the sight of golden trees and a frozen bog was spectacular.
      Thanks a lot, Stefan!!!

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