Now is the time for wandering

Now is the time for wandering. Coolness in the air, vibrant colours and bird migration. Nature wears a new dress every day. Nature is exuberant at the moment.

These photos are from Rude Skov. A forest with great variety and bogs. It is highly recommended to stay on the trails, since not all bog holes have a water mirror. If one falls into such a hole, it might be very deep and with steep slopes which could make it impossible to save oneself without help from a person on solid ground.

Hvis I lader bilen stå hjemme, kører bus 354 fra Holte Station op igennem skoven mod Høsterkøb og videre til Nivå.
Rejse med tog og bus har den fordel, at vandreturen kan varieres i det uendelige.

Kort over Rude Skov

Rejseplanen for buskørsel fra Holte st. til Vildtfogedvej (Hørsholm Kongevej)

14 Comments on “Now is the time for wandering

    • Querida Isabelle. Es bueno saber de ti. Espero que el tiempo te trata bien para que pueda hacer un informe también 🙂
      Un abrazo,

  1. Yes! It has been far too hot this autumn – I do not enjoy my backpack until now! Wonderfully beautiful shots of the landscape and paths. Hopefully this temperature will last for some days now.

    • Thanks Leya. A fresh wind, drifting clouds with glimpses of a blue sky, it fits well with a backpack 🙂
      We hope for a beautiful autumn weekend, don’t we?

  2. Those bogs sound pretty dangerous, Hanna. They look beautiful but there is obviously more to them than meets the eye.
    Cheers, Alen

    • Hi Alen. Often bogs are beautiful but it’s a scary thought if you had to pass through such an area….in darkness…with help from lantern men…and Gullum – 🙂

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