September Walking

Høje Møn is outstanding nature in Denmark.
We drove south from Copenhagen and as we approached Møn the haze was like a light veil over the peninsula.
It was a stunning walk with exceptional views.
You can find this area on: Danskebjerge

Geocenter Møn

24 Comments on “September Walking

    • I’m happy that your son enjoyed the view. The place is one of the most stunning places i Denmark so your boy has an eye for it 🙂
      Give him a hug ❤

    • Hi Alen. There was a raptor trying to find a packed lunch among the large numbers of starlings.
      I find huge flocks of starlings are very impressive though I’ve never seen them when there are millions.

      • The town near where I lived in Cumbria, in the north of England, used to be overrun with starlings every winter, as did many British towns. In the past few years they seem to have disappeared. I don’t know where they’ve gone.

    • Thanks a lot, Indah. I just realise that the most spectacular images are found in the morning or when the sun sets 🙂 🙂

      • Mikkel’s photos are indeed lovely, Hanna … but in all honesty, I prefer yours! I like your sense of color, and the sharpness of your images. It’s more the way my own eyes would experience the place, I think.

      • Dear Heather. Thank you so much for your kindness ❤
        Colour is really an interesting subject to work with. Sometimes I am surprised to see a special glow or hue. The most spectacular light is often caught by the sea. I like to go light – hunting 🙂
        Thanks once again!!

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