September Walking

Høje Møn is outstanding nature in Denmark.
We drove south from Copenhagen and as we approached Møn the haze was like a light veil over the peninsula.
It was a stunning walk with exceptional views.
You can find this area on: Danskebjerge

Geocenter Møn

24 thoughts on “September Walking

      • Mikkel’s photos are indeed lovely, Hanna … but in all honesty, I prefer yours! I like your sense of color, and the sharpness of your images. It’s more the way my own eyes would experience the place, I think.

      • Dear Heather. Thank you so much for your kindness ❤
        Colour is really an interesting subject to work with. Sometimes I am surprised to see a special glow or hue. The most spectacular light is often caught by the sea. I like to go light – hunting 🙂
        Thanks once again!!

    • Thanks a lot, Indah. I just realise that the most spectacular images are found in the morning or when the sun sets 🙂 🙂

    • Hi Alen. There was a raptor trying to find a packed lunch among the large numbers of starlings.
      I find huge flocks of starlings are very impressive though I’ve never seen them when there are millions.

    • I’m happy that your son enjoyed the view. The place is one of the most stunning places i Denmark so your boy has an eye for it 🙂
      Give him a hug ❤

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