Woods In Winter

Where, twisted round the barren oak,
The summer vine in beauty clung,
And summer winds the stillness broke,
The crystal icicle is hung.

Where, from their frozen urns, mute springs
Pour out the river’s gradual tide,
Shrilly the skater’s iron rings,
And voices fill the woodland side.

Alas! how changed from the fair scene,
When birds sang out their mellow lay,
And winds were soft, and woods were green,
And the song ceased not with the day!

But still wild music is abroad,
Pale, desert woods! within your crowd;
And gathering winds, in hoarse accord,
Amid the vocal reeds pipe loud.

Chill airs and wintry winds! my ear
Has grown familiar with your song;
I hear it in the opening year,
I listen, and it cheers me long.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, from: Woods In Winter

13 Comments on “Woods In Winter

  1. Lovely Hanna! Longfellow’s wonderful words and your bright pictures fill this dull evening with light. I’ve never been on ski’s but the last picture draws me into that landscape: the still and cold atmosphere, the snow gathered earth, the warm heart beating, the taut body working………………. Good night dear Hanna.

  2. More gorgeous wintry shots! I love the icicles! I think the seasons are wonderful and it is quite amazing how I am in the middle of summer here while your countryside is cloaked in snow. What a wonderful world we live in. 🙂

    • Thank you, Jane. I always find icicles fascinating. An adventure is approaching when icicles are hanging like some of the best Christmas decorations from the eaves 🙂
      You must be heading towards autumn now.
      All the best,

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