In the forest by Raven Lake – in real life Store Stubbesø, we met Ulla. She was about to acclimate in the Danish nature. Another expression to adapt from beautiful English natural areas to everyday and the city.

She had just finished her holiday in the Lake District in England, and that requires adjustment, although the rain had fallen much of the time.

Socializing with good people, lots of stories and amazing natural scenes, that is what fairy tales are made of.

Ved Ravnesøen i Rude Skov – den hedder i virkligheden Store Stubbesø, mødte vi Ulla. Hun var ved at akklimatisere sig i skoven. Det er et andet udtryk for at omstille sig fra stor natur til hverdag og by.

Hun havde akkurat afsluttet sin ferie i Lake Distrikt i England, og det kræver en vis justering, selvom det havde regnet meget af tiden.

Socialt samvær med gode mennesker, masser af historier og fantastiske naturscenarier, det er det stof, eventyr er gjort af.

God tur derude ❤ 🙂

10 thoughts on “Acclimatization

  1. Beautiful pictures, Hanna. The Lake District is the wettest part of England, Seatoller in Borrowdale experiencing the highest rainfall. But it’s nice when the sun shines.

    • Alen, maybe it rains a lot in Seatoller, but the pictures I’ve seen in Google looks like Rivendale on a good day ❤ 🙂
      All the best,

  2. Spending time with good people and hearing their tales in a lovely environment sounds like a wonderful way to spend some time. I’m very fond of purple thistles as they bring back childhood memories so I enjoyed seeing these pictures. Such beautiful scenery again, Hanna. Thank you! 🙂

    • Hi there, Jane. The purple thistles attract interesting insects at least in Denmark 🙂 But I take it applies to the whole world.
      Spending time with nice people and sharing stories is a thing we have accomplished to perfections 😀
      If anyone should disagree I will be more than happy to practice a little more.
      Thank you yourself for your nice comment ❤

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